Resolutions and Amendments

Submitting Resolutions


  • Resolutions must be received 10 days before Convention.  

  • For details on who/how resolutions can be submitted see Article 8, Section 4 of the current NL NDP Constitution. 

  • Submit Resolutions to with the subject line "Resolutions". 

  • When preparing your resolution, some rules to keep in mind:

    • Keep the “Whereas Clause” to around 50 words (whereas clauses simply set up a rationale for asking Convention to adopt a particular policy – it is not the policy itself”

    • The “Be it Resolved” section should be as concise as possible – aim for under 100 words

  • Resolutions are intended to:

    • Amend or delete existing policy

    • Add a new policy

    • Ask the Party to take a specific action ( i.e develop a policy, run a campaign, etc.)

    • Have the Party make a statement on an ongoing issue, event, etc.

  • Any questions on resolutions, contact

Submitting Constitutional Amendments

  • Proposed amendments must be received 30 days before Convention.

  • Submit proposed amendments to with the subject line "Constitutional Amendment". 

  • Proposed amendments will be made available to the general membership 20 days before Convention.

  • See the NL NDP Constitution here. 

Proposed 2021 Amendments

  1. Proposed Constitutional Amendment to correct gender provision language for Table Officer Associate President role - Article 8, Section 6.c.ii


Proposal to amend the provision in the Constitution that requires the Associate President to be a "gender other than that of the President".

The proposed wording change corrects wording that was added previously to ensure that cis gender men did not occupy both the position of President and Associate President.  It however, created the issue that an equity seeking group - women - could not occupy both the role of President and the role of Associate President. This provision has in effect operated to exclude qualified women who wished to offer themselves for election for President and Associate President. This was not the intention of this provision. The provision was intended as a way to ensure women were at a minimum 50 per cent representation. 


The following amendment is proposed to correct this:

“who shall not be a cis gender man, if the role of President is a cis gender man”

Article 8, Section 6

The business of regular convention shall be:


8.6.c to elect officers as follows:


8.6.c.i A President,

8.6.c.ii An Associate President who shall be of the gender other than that of the

President, (who shall not be a cis gender man, if the role of President is a cis gender man),


8.6.c.iii A second Associate President who shall represent affiliates and the partnership with the Labour Movement,


8.6.c.iv A Provincial Treasurer,


8.6.c.v A Federal Liaison Officer, in the absence of an appointed Provincial Secretary, an elected Provincial



8.6.c.vii A Membership Secretary


Submitted by Mona Rossiter, member St. John’s East-Quidi Vidi

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