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Construction of new power generation facilities in Newfoundland needs to include:


  • Low-cost wind

  • Low-cost solar

  • New transmission line construction

  • Refurbishing of the existing electrical system

  • The building of a more flexible and modern electrical grid

  • New large-scale and small-scale energy storage systems



At the same time, new renewable energy infrastructure needs to include:


  • The construction of clean vehicle infrastructure

  • Green retrofits

  • Green building standards and zero-emissions construction

  • Zero-emissions public transit

  • The transition of fossil fuel shipping and ferry service to electric

  • Decarbonizing mining and industry to renewable electricity


If built under public ownership and agencies, this renewable energy and associated infrastructure will have enormous benefits for the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. New renewable energy can potentially eliminate more than 85% of GHG emissions as well as save hundreds of lives from air pollution each year.


In addition, a low-carbon transition plan will lower our long-term energy costs. And for the workers and families across the province, a transition to clean energy will create thousands of new high-quality jobs.

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