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But we have to listen to the science and we have to be smart.


1. The science is clear on what needs to be done. Greenhouse gases must be cut by half by 2030, and by 90% or more by 2050.

2. If we are to have any chance, bold and aggressive plans are needed to create a clean energy future.

3. To deliver on the need for major job creation from new low-carbon sectors, Newfoundland and Labrador’s government must invest in renewable energy and infrastructure at the scale and speed required, and develop the employment policies that ensure high-quality jobs.

4. Newfoundland and Labrador also has to work with the federal government to ensure that as our province transitions away from oil and gas, there is funding and guaranteed protection for workers who are displaced or affected by the transition to a low-carbon economy. A cooperative and coordinated federal approach to energy transition that includes both high quality jobs in the future as well as protections for workers and communities is essential in addressing climate change head on.

5. The proposals in our Climate and Job Plan for new renewable energy, enhanced energy infrastructure, and energy investment can each help drastically reduce Newfoundland and Labrador’s emissions and deliver strong economic growth as well as good, family-sustaining jobs. 

6. If adopted, these policies will provide an actionable provincial agenda that can effectively address climate change and inequality.

7. If implemented, our policies will benefit workers and communities across the province, make our economy more sustainable, and ensure our energy system is more secure and independent.

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