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Members are the heart of the New Democratic Party. We work for fairness, justice, and a society where nobody is left behind. Be part of it!
Sign up today – there’s no cost, and you’ll join a vibrant group of people working to make a better Newfoundland and Labrador.

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By clicking this box, a) I affirm that I am a resident of the province of Newfoundland & Labrador and am at least 14 years old, b) I agree that I will abide by the principles of the NL NDP, and c) declare that I am neither a member nor a supporter of any other Canadian political party.

Party memberships are now $20 annually ($5 for youth under 30, $1 for people Un(der)employed)

Once you click submit you will be taken to a page to process the payment for your membership. 

If you become a monthly donor, your membership fee is waved after three months.

If you are unable to process your membership payment online, please email

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