Party Executive

Meet your hardworking party executive, working for you to build a better Newfoundland and Labrador.

Alison Coffin


Lynn Moore


Kyle Rees

Associate President

Bill Hynd

Associate President Labour

Angela Heffernan


Paul Rowe

Provincial Secretary

Kathleen Burt

Membership Secretary

Mona Rossiter

Federal Liaison Officer

James Dinn

Caucus Representative

Daniel Smith

Member at Large

Randy Andersen

Member at Large

Laura Rees

Member at Large

Jim Gill

Central Representative

Beatrice Park French

Eastern Representative

Matthew White

Labrador Representative

Danielle Douglas

Northeast Avalon Representative

Noel Joe

South Coast Representative

Holly Pike

Western Representative

Alison Stanford

Indigenous Caucus

Anne Marie Anonsen

Women's Caucus

Nicky Thoms

Youth Caucus

Sherry Hillier

Labour Representative

Kelly Roche

Labour Representative