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Timothy Whey


Timothy Whey is a 22 year old university student who was born and raised in Gander. He is currently finishing his double major in Anthropology and Archaeology with goals of completing a doctorate degree in Medical Anthropology. Timothy has volunteered extensively as a resident companion at Lakeside Homes, where he worked as a recreation assistant.

Timothy is a community oriented individual whose focus is on hard work, which is highlighted by being awarded McDonald's employee of the year for the Kelsey Drive location in 2019.

In 2020 Timothy became the president of NDP MUN, a campus political group with the goal of making politics more accessible and motivating the students of MUN to be more engaged in local issues.

In 2020 he became the Vice-President of the St. John's Centre NDP District Association. 

He assisted the District Association with setting up and the "Justice for Survivors: A Panel Discussion on the Need for Justice Reform to Better Serve Victims of Sexual Assault" town hall. During his role in the district association he organized a community clean up by the abandoned Grace Hospital, and an event called "Days of Community" which helped highlight various outreaches in St. John's Centre and how people can help each other in 2021.

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