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Peter Young

Waterford Valley

Peter Young was born and raised in Corner Brook, and has family spread along the West coast.

Peter has experience working within government as well as with the provincial higher education system. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Memorial University of Newfoundland’s Grenfell Campus in 2017, specializing in Mathematics and Physics. He has worked as a member of and advocate for student unions, as an employee of Memorial University of Newfoundland in multiple capacities, and as a volunteer for community organizations such as the Lions Club.

Peter is a tireless and driven supporter of worker’s rights as well as social and economic freedom and justice. He unconditionally champions political accountability, and aims to assist in developing a more prosperous, just, and transparent Newfoundland and Labrador, in the hopes that everyone in our province can enjoy stable and fulfilling lives now and into the future.

Peter’s plans to continue pursuing higher education in economics and policy development, subjects which he feels are crucial to the future of Newfoundland and Labrador and must be made a greater part of public discourse.

Peter currently lives in St. John’s with his partner, Nikita Wall.

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