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Melissa Samms

St. George's - Humber

Melissa is an outspoken l’nu from Katalisk Sipu (Codroy Valley) on the southwest coast of Ktaqmkuk (Newfoundland). Their indigeneity is central to how they live in the world, and Melissa stands for indigenous rights in Newfoundland and Labrador and Mi’kma’ki. Melissa acknowledges that Southern and Western Ktaqmkuk is unceded L’nu’k (Mi’kmaq) territory.

Deeply connected to the region, Melissa has also extensively researched the area while working with the Southwest Coast Historical Society. This research revealed to Melissa just how long-standing the political issues in the region are, and how diverse and interconnected the population on the West coast is. The infrastructure to keep us connected has always been a key need in rural Newfoundland. Melissa wants government to address the need for local small-scale power generation projects, stronger healthcare facilities and travel support, and more accessible means to reach the mainland.

They’re currently building a history column with Wreckhouse Weekly, building a Co-Operative Housing network in partnership with Leading Edge Credit Union, and establishing Dogberry Bakery in Codroy Valley, where they live with their parents across the road from their sister, brother-in-law, and dog-niece.

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