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Jordan Brown

Labrador West

A lifelong resident of Labrador, Jordan Brown is a strong advocate for this district.

Raised in Labrador City, and from a family who worked in the mines in the early days, Jordan trained as a welder in Happy Valley-Goose Bay and returned to Labrador City to work and raise his two girls with his wife LeeAnn (from Cartwright, Labrador).

Jordan has always been an active member of the community. He has worked as a volunteer firefighter, and a member of the local tourism organization Gateway Labrador where he served as heritage director.

In 2013 Jordan helped restart the local Heritage Society. In 2014, the 40th anniversary of the Labrador Flag, Jordan led a successful year-long campaign to have the flag recognized as the symbol of Labrador and flown at the land border crossings in Labrador and at government buildings. For Jordan's efforts in 2017 he was awarded the Labradorians of Distinction Medal in its inaugural year along with 149 other Labradorians who have made significant contributions to Labrador.

Jordan's love of Labrador is well known across the province. He enjoys spending time teaching others about his home region and advocating for Labrador's interests.

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