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John McClusky

St. Barbe - L'Anse aux Meadows

John McClusky was born in Val D’Or, Quebec, second of 7 sisters and brothers. Inspired by his prospector grandfather and mining engineer father, John studied Geology at the University of Calgary.

He remained connected to the resource community as an oil and gas landman, mining company investor relations and commodities broker. He met his wife, Ane, while working on Bay Street, he as a bond trader, she as a stock broker.

While raising two sons, they traded 3-piece suits for new ventures -- Ane works in film/TV; John apprenticed as a journeyman carpenter.

John developed a deep respect for ecology and our Earth, for climate change and how it impacts our lives, economy and the ability of our province to sustain life on land and in the ocean. He sees tourism as an impetus for our province to become an example of Earth-saving practices, developing sustainable sources of clean, renewable energy.

He wants to help our province steer away from corporate give-aways and wasteful projects like Muskrat Falls which speed through approval processes without exhaustive cost studies; adequate environmental assessments; proper consultation with stakeholders (including indigenous communities) whose health, livelihoods and homes would be affected; and due diligence around financial impacts on taxpayers.

Now semi-retired, John is personally interested in Seniors’ Issues: health and welfare resources, long-term care quality and affordability, income and food security.

John will work to ensure our province can take care of us as we take care of our province.

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