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Jamie Ruby

Stephenville - Port au Port

Jamie is an entertainer and an activist. Blending these two through his work most recently with Ignite Social Circus he has been focused on community partnerships, community health and combating isolation both before and during the recent pandemic.

Jamie has spent years working with disadvantaged populations through his outreach work with community organizations. In the early 2010's he was part of organizing workshops and bringing world class entertainment to the isolated community of Natuashish every year with the "People who do tricks'' festival. More recently, He traveled with a group of circus students to a national conference on social circus in Montreal.

2021 has brought a lot of new perspectives on careers and life paths, a generation who were forced to move away for work and leave their heart in Newfoundland are crying to come back.

Jamie believes that it is time we stop investing in Ontario, stop investing in Alberta, stop investing in anyone who isn't committed to making this place shine, Jamie is committed to a strong Newfoundland and Labrador.

Jamie has a wide background in community involvement being a past secretary for the Association for the Arts in Mt Pearl, as well as on the organizing committee for the St. John's International Circus Festival and the Victoria Park Lantern Festival in support of the Friends of Victoria Park. He is also a board member of the Goulds Historic Society committed to the preservation of the century old Ruby Church.

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