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Dion Hynes

Harbour Grace - Port de Grave

Dion Hynes is a husband and father of two. He grew up and went to school in the Clarke’s Beach and Bay Roberts area. Since 2014, he has volunteered with the Wolverines Ground Search and Rescue and more recently, when he is not away working, with the Bay de Grave Volunteer Fire Department.

Dion worked in the construction industry for over a decade and knows firsthand the struggles that go with trying to make a living in the trades in rural Newfoundland. For the past couple of years, he’s had to travel to the far North (Nunavut and Northern Ontario) to find consistent employment.

Dion want to bring the voice of the common working taxpayer to the district, who seem to be consistently underrepresented in government. The Harbour Grace – Port de Grave district is made up of many hard-working people, who should have their say.

Dion and the NDP want young families to have a viable future here with good paying, long term employment, while ensuring comfort and dignity to seniors who have given so much to shape our province into what it is today.

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