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Carolyn Davis

Placentia West - Bellevue

Carolyn Davis is a very proud Newfoundlander, wife, and mom to three incredible boys. Carolyn is embarking on a new chapter following a winning battle with breast cancer.

Carolyn was born and raised in St. John’s. Her maternal grandparents resettled from St. Joseph’s, Placentia Bay to Southern Harbour and she spent summers in the region growing up.  The district is close to her heart. 

Carolyn is very passionate about social justice issues surrounding children and hopes to put a voice to the mental health crisis facing children and young people in our province.

Carolyn’s work experience is customer service focused and she understands the value of being an appreciated consumer having worked in the insurance industry for eight years.

Carolyn feels that the people of Newfoundland are our best asset and that investing in our people should be our focus. Carolyn has seen the struggles within our healthcare system first hand and is very driven to see improvements.

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