Province needs to take better care of families, prioritize affordable childcare: Nicole Kieley

The NDP candidate for Mount Pearl North says the high cost of childcare is of great concern to many residents in the district. Nicole Kieley says some parents are dedicating full incomes to providing care for their children.

“Many young people feel stressed about very limited options for childcare. With the cost of living on the rise, we need affordable and flexible childcare options. This is something we’ve seen work in Quebec and other jurisdictions.”

Kieley says our province needs to take better care of our families. She believes the best way to do this is through affordable and flexible childcare options.

“I’m hearing a lot of concerns about affordable childcare at the door,” said Kieley. “This issue not only affects young families, but also our senior community. Many retirees, already struggling with lack of supports, take on the work of childcare.”

Kieley says, as MHA for Mount Pearl North, she would commit to advocating for affordable childcare options.

“We have many new and young families who have decided to make Mount Pearl their home, and to raise their children in this beautiful community. I couldn’t think of a better place for a family to grow up. Childcare should not be a burden that limits a family’s choices.” 


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