Matthew Cooper

Waterford Valley

Matthew Cooper is a former teacher and instructor with 10 years experience in education across the world from St. John’s to Ottawa to Korea. Having returned from his travels to start a family in his childhood home, Matthew became a stay-at-home father to his two boys. Currently he is a manager of Harbour Services, St. John’s.


Matthew holds an Honours degree in both English and History from Memorial University and a Master’s degree in Public History from Carleton University in Ottawa. His historical studies focus on Norse history, specifically the Norse settlement in L’Anse aux Meadows.


Matthew’s current passion is to create a stronger sense of community among Newfoundland and Labrador's youth, especially in the music and arts communities which he has been a part of for over 20 years. Being critical of social media’s effect on mental health, Matthew is striving to create a more present culture of in-person engagement. Over the past two years, Matthew has presented for panels on mental health, specifically looking at using non-traditional therapies to help create a more holistic strategy to combat depression and anxiety.


As a single father of two young boys, Matthew is aware of the struggles facing young, low income families. There is a dire need of support for soon to be, new, and established families with better employment opportunities, childcare, parental, and sick leave.


Matthew believes the path to prosperity for Newfoundland and Labrador lies in strengthening its community by supporting its families, being inclusive and understanding of multiple perspectives, and supporting those in need so they can help themselves and others.

Let's build a province where no one is left behind.

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