David Brake

Mount Pearl - Southlands

Dr. David Brake is a 53-year-old educator, journalist and activist. He is involved in several local causes. He runs the Essential Transit Association which campaigns for better public transit on the NE Avalon peninsula. He has worked at MUN to research and advocate for immigration to the province, and manages communications for Iron & Earth East, which aims to help oil and gas workers find work in the renewable energy sector. David is also on the board of Happy City St John’s, a non-profit working to encourage citizens to learn about and take part in city politics.


David is currently employed as Science Editor at Let’s Talk Science, helping young people learn about science and technology by linking them to their everyday lives. Before that in England and in Ontario he was a journalism professor (trained at the London School of Economics).


Wherever he has lived he has been a local activist. He has also worked with a neighbourhood regeneration group in London, England and helped lobby for better bus service in Burlington, Ontario. His two children are growing up in Mount Pearl and he is passionate about making it a healthy, sustainable and welcoming community.


Drawing on his diverse and international experience, David hopes to bring a fresh perspective to the challenges facing Newfoundland and Labrador. He wants to help build a long-term future for our province by listening to your concerns, facing the issues squarely and talking honestly about solutions.

Let's build a province where no one is left behind.

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